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May 21, 2017

Students at one North Texas high school have to pass a visual inspection before they can go to prom. Check that dress: students at one North Texas high school have to pass a visual inspection before they can go to prom. Melissa High School in Collin County has had the policy in place for the past four or five years, "(w)ith a few minor tweaks here and จั๊มสูทขาสั้น there," said principal Kenneth Wooten in an email to NBC 5. "With modesty in mind," the school's websites states, the following dress code guidelines are recommended for the Melissa High School prom: Dresses should not be cut too low in the front or the back. Two pieces are allowed; however, if midriff is shown, there should be no more than three inches visible. Hemlines or slits in dresses should be no more than five inches above the knee. Dress shoes or dress boots preferred. No slippers or flip-flops. And "all ladies dresses should be approved by Coach Dotson" before prom, the school's guidelines say. "I had never heard of it before," said Melissa High School parent Sue Heslink. Heslink said she saw the policy online and thought it was "fabulous." "Girls are growing up too fast in my opinion.

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“I notice when there are more compliments on a dress and how it wears.” When designing, Leavitt focuses on the women who will wear her dresses. “I think about our core customer and if she would ever wear a design,” Leavitt says. “If I can’t picture her wearing it, it’s probably not going to sell.” Leavitt designs a year ahead and is now working on dresses for spring 2018. The company usually releases one to four new styles a month, and the dresses retail from $180 to $375. A perennial favorite is the Camilyn Beth Go Go Dress, one of Leavitt’s first designs. “Everyone needs their go-go dress in business — that product you’re confident in,” Leavitt says. “We’ve seen it sell so many times, it’s almost our bread and butter, and it gets people hooked.” That gateway dress often leads customers to other dresses in the line, many of which are inspired by Leavitt’s favorite eras in fashion — the 1960s and 1970s. After she’s sketched a design and created a pattern, Leavitt sews a sample. While she sews, she listens to business podcasts such as “The #AskGaryVee Show,” “Fashion is Your Business” and “American Fashion.” Then she sends the sample to her New York City-based manufacturer.  At the Garment District manufacturer where Camilyn Beth dresses are made, more rounds of samples are created and sent to Leavitt to review. After Leavitt approves a top of production sample, the manufacturer scans and digitizes the pattern. The dresses are sewn by hand.

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