Some Challenges Today With Rudimentary Online Fashion Tactics

Jul 02, 2017

On Thursday, Biggie's mother, Violetta Wallace, took to Instagram to share a clear message about her anger over the girls' inexplicably branded shirts, which were retailing for approximately $125. WATCH: Kylie Jenner and Boyfriend Travis Scott Get Matching Tattoos Violetta posted a photo of one of the shirts with a red 'X' mark over Kendall's face and the words, "This product has no affiliation to the Notorious B.I.G. estate. The estate was never contacted about using the likeness of Biggie." "I am not sure who told @kyliejenner and @kendalljenner that they had the right to do this," she added in the caption. "The disrespect of these girls to not even reach out to me or anyone connected to the estate baffles me. I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my Son Christopher to sell a t-shirt. This is disrespectful, disgusting, and exploitation at its worst!!!" A post shared by Voletta Wallace (@volettawallace) on RELATED: Diddy, Usher, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Honor Notorious BIG on 20th Anniversary of His Death Following the backlash, the shirts were removed from the site and both Kylie and Kendall have deleted all social media posts referencing the collection. They also issued a joint apology on Twitter. "These designs were not well thought out and we deeply apologize to anyone that has been upset and/or offended, especially to the families of the artists," Kendall and Kylie wrote.

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